RMS White Label Mobile App Marketing

The 100,000 applications now appearing in mobile stores means cutthroat competition for a new developer. To be successful, your client needs a partner who is savvy about mobile marketing.

Our custom services will keep your product out of the chaos of the mobile app market. We deliver “likes,” traffic, and rank, and bring out the potential of a mobile application. This means creating a “buzz” about your client’s app. Here’s how:
A properly structured launch and positioning strategy that includes the client icon, screenshots and other app promotion materials.
Extensive market research and thorough competitor analysis.
Keywords research and implementation
Creation and optimization of press releases to announce the launch of the app
Submission of the press release to wire services and extended release distribution through a relevant website. (Extra fees apply for additional third party distributions.)
Creation and optimization of app description.
Delivering information about the app through YouTube.
Effective social media marketing including Facebook and Twitter announcements, forum threads, and  social bookmarking of related articles and blog posts.
Contacting vertical industry media for promotion.
Submission of the press release/story to 100+ app review and technology news websites.
Pre-launch feedback on ad hoc builds.
App name and category consulting and placement.
Consultation on selection and implementation of third party analytic tools.
Analytics and ongoing adjustments on elements of the app store including screenshots, description tweaks, etc.
Selection, optimization and localization of screenshots provided by the client.

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