PPC Packages
Price Per Month$225 - - - - -
Minimum Contract PeriodMonth to Month, 3 months minimum Month to Month, 3 months minimum Month to Month, 3 months minimum Month to Month, 3 months minimum Month to Month, 3 months minimum Month to Month, 3 months minimum
Ad Copies
Initial Ad Copy Research, Copy writing Ads & Ad Copy Setup in the PPC Account     
Split A/B Testing of Ad Copies     
Campaign Optimization
Google Ad Extentions Consultation     
Ongoing Strategy Development     
Quality Score Report     
Mobile / Tablet Ad Optimization     
Mobile Website Call Tracking     
Website Usability Report     
Website Conversion Analysis Report     
Text Ads     
Image Ads     
Video Ads (if Applicable)     
Placement Sites Targeting     
Remarketing Ad     
Interest-based Ad     
Topic Targeting      
Competitor Research
Competitor Research & Competitor Benchmarking     
Conversion Tracking
Conversion Tracking Set Up     
Integration of Conversion Tracking Scripts on the Website     
Customer Support
Email Support     
Chat Support     
Conference Calls     
Google Analytics Tracking
Google Analytics Profile Setup     
Google Analytics Goals Setup     
Google Analytics- Advanced Filters Setup     
Google Analytics- Funnels Setup     
Integration of Google Analytics Script on the websites     
Keyword Research & Bid ManagementUp to 1000 Keywords Up to 2000 Keywords Up to 5000 Keywords Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Negative Keyword Research to Filter Unwanted Traffic     
Keyword Match Typing & Optimization for Different Match Types     
Landing Page
Landing Page Analysis & Consultation     
Static HTML Landing Page Design & HTML Development with Form Completing the RFI (Request for Information) form will send an email to "Your In box" and lead the prospect to a "Thank You" page.      
Landing Page Content Creation     
Banner Ads Design     
Monthly Budget
Monthly Fee$1,000 - $2,999 $3000 - $5000 $5000 - $10000 $10000 - $20000 $20000 - $50000 $50000 - above
PPC Campaign Progress Report     
Website Funnel Tracking Consultation     
Site Speed Report     
Custom Report     
Business Objective Understanding & Consultation     
Search Engines CoveredGoogle Google + Bing Google and Bing Google, Bing, Facebook and Linkedin Google, Bing, Facebook and Linkedin Google, Bing, Facebook and Linkedin
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